Welcome to the
Meta Meerkat Club


Believed to only live in Africa,

There have been sightings of Meerkats taking over the Ethereum Blockchain!

The Story

Meta Meerkat Club is a collection of 10,011 escapee meerkat NFT’s living on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s up to you to give them a home and a new way of living.

The whole reason behind Meerkats (besides us being from South Africa) is they live and work together in big groups, rebuild and do everything as a community – that’s exactly what we plan to do with our project and our community.

Meerkats are social animals that live in large groups of up to 50 individuals, called a gang or mob. The mob is made up of several family groups.

Through their travels the male meerkats lead ahead to ensure safe passage and to set up the home.

Once settled in, the females and pups will arrive.

Owning Meta Meerkats grants access to member-only benefits and voting. We strive to be a community lead project where all decisions will be up to the community for the community.

The Mob

Each Meta Meerkat is unique and generated from multiple different traits, including facial, headwear, clothing, and more.

The meerkats will be dropped in stages as follows and each drop will have its own traits:

Mob 1 – 4,505 Male Meerkats
Mob 2 – 6,969 Female Meerkats
Mob 3 – 2,003 Pup Meerkats

There will also be 11 Super Rare 1/1’s distributed between the 3 drops.

The Mint

Cost: FREE MINT + GAS – ERC-721A Contract

Max 2 Meerkats per transaction

Note: 33 Meerkats won’t make the initial travels as these will be kept for Giveaways, Prizes and Airdrops.